Rigbusters is a project born with just one goal: catch the most amazing tone out of the best stompboxes out there!

As sound lovers, we believe that the guitar tone is the most important tool to express ourselves, our creativity and our souls.

When the Kemper Profiler first came out, we realized that something finally had changed: the possibility to bring with us our unique Sound, wherever we wanted, was simply amazing!

While everyone else was focusing on some of the best amplifiers on the planet, we thought that something was missing. Guitarists usually spend so much time searching for the best combination between Amps, Stompboxes and Guitars.

Stompboxes is the keyword. Here comes our “AHA!” moment:  why don’t we profile those smooth, silky and creamy overdrives?

To do that, we needed an Amp that sounded as clean and transparent as possible…a real stompboxes  “eater”! Our choice was the Cornford  MK50H II Amp Head. We also decided to use a Montarbo Isobox equipped with a Celestion V30 speaker, in order to completely and perfectly isolate the profiling process. We didn’t want any ambient reflection, we just wanted to catch the pure tone!

Here we are! Rigbusters: the first website specializing in overdrive pedal profiles for the Kemper profiler!