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Donato “Dodi” Battaglia was born in Bologna in June 1st, 1951. He has 4 children. Coming from musicians family, at the age of 5, Dodi gets his first instrument, an accordion. At the age of 13, after almost 9 years playing the accordion, the passion for electric guitar explodes, thanks to the discover of the Shadows, led by the guitarist Hank Marvin, source of inspiration of artists like Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Brian May, George Harrison, Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, and Ritchie Blackmore.
Dodi buys a classic guitar and starts taking lessons. A year after, he starts playing in various groups of the Bolognese area: Nobles, Rigidi R&B and, at last, Judas. The next step is to join Meteors orchestra, that had the opportunity to be the opening act for Jimi Hendrix.
When 17, he was asked the be part of Pooh. He accepted enthusiastic. During those early years Pooh had a great success with “Piccola Katy” and Dodi, despite the natural shyness, had an excellent stage presence added to the outstanding virtuosity with the instrument. Almost immediately, his singing skills are discovered, bringing him to debut almost immediately as leading voice in “Buonanotte Penny”. When the group moved on to CBS, under the aegis of the producer Giancarlo Lucariello, Dodi accepted to sing in “Tanta voglia di lei” (the group greatest success): it showed his great voice, not only his guitar ability.
The great hits in which his voice is essential are countless, from “Noi due nel mondo e nell’anima” to “Infiniti noi”, from “Parsifal” to “Dove sto domani”, from “Che vuoi che sia” to “Canterò per te”, Pooh’s first single signed by him which testify his growth also as author.
Dodi signed the music of some of the most intense and singular songs of the Pooh: “Io in una storia”, “50 primavere”, “Buona fortuna e buon viaggio”, “Ci penserò domani”, “Comuni desideri”, “Danza a distanza”, “Dietro la collina”, “Diritto d’amare”, “Due donne”, “E arrivi tu”, “Gitano”, “I bambini ci guardano”, “Il cuore tra le mani”, “In diretta nel vento” , “Io sto con te”, “Io vicino io lontano”, “Isabel”, “La ragazza con gli occhi di sole”, “Lei e lei”, “Mai dire mai”, “Mezzanotte per te”, “Padre a vent’anni”, “Quel che non si dice”, “Santa Lucia”, “Scusami”, “Senza musica e senza parole”, “Stella”, “Una donna normale”, “Venti”, “Vienna”, “Vita” and “L’altra donna”. The good work in tandem with other songwriters of the group is well represented by songs like “Air India”, “Dialoghi”, “Mediterraneo”, “Orient Express”, “Una domenica da buttare”, “Uno straniero venuto dal tempo” and “L’anno, il posto, l’ora”. Dodi signed songs also for Riccardo Fogli, Irene Fargo, Mia Martini, Lena Biolcati, Lorella Cuccarini, Massimo Ranieri, Alice, Daniele Battaglia and Annalisa Minetti. Dodi Battaglia has on the asset side more than 140 song published, of which more than 70 have been composed for Pooh.
As musician Dodi counts many awards. In 1981 German journal Die Zeitung declared him the Best European Guitarist, attested in 1986 by the “Stern” magazine.
Also Italian journalists ratified him as the best Italian guitarist, among all others and then as pop guitarist. In 1986 he was bestowed from the President of the Italian Republic, Francesco Cossiga, to the title of Knight of the Italian Republic. On july the 24th, 2017 he achieved the second degree Honoris Causa Academic Diploma in “jazz electric guitar” at Conservatory “Egidio R. Duni” in Matera.
He is a guitar collector, Fender and Maton dedicated to him two “signature” guitars, realizing models based on his specific requests. Fender produced in 1997 Fender Dodicaster, a signature model in limited edition on Dodi’s specifications, maple single block neck with satin veneer, two “single coil” pickup and a splittable “humbucker” and “Floyd rose” bridge.
As solo artist, Dodi recorded two albums. The first one in 1985, “Più in alto che c’è?!”, entirely written with his brotherly friend Valerio Negrini with the only exception of the title-track written by Vasco Rossi, that appears also in the record as guest, repeated in 2003 in the instrumental acoustic album “D’assolo”, printed again in 2012 with a bonus track dedicated to the friend and fellow citizen Lucio Dalla passed away that year. Other proof on record of Dodi’s activity beyond Pooh is the album “Walzer d’un blues” recorded by the super-group “Adelmo e i suoi Sorapis ”, composed by Dodi, Zucchero, Maurizio Vandelli, Umbi from Nomadi, Fio Zanotti and Michele Torpedine. “Dov’è andata la musica” is from 2015, recorded with Tommy Emmanuel. Among the numerous partnerships in the Italian sphere, Dodi appears in works by Vasco Rossi (he recorded the guitar in songs “Una canzone per te”, “Va bene va bene” and “Toffee”), Al Di Meola, Tommy Emmanuel, Gino Paoli, Enrico Ruggeri, Raf, Gianluca Grignani, Mia Martini, Giorgio Faletti, Gianni Fiorellino, Alice, Capsicum Tree, Chitarre d’Italia, Delia Gualtiero, Irene Fargo, Lena Biolcati, Lorella Cuccarini, Massimo Ranieri, Riccardo Fogli.
His last success is a double cd and dvd “e la storia continua…”. He performed with his band in more than 60 live in Italy in a year.

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