Boutique handwound guitar and bass pickups made in Italy with the finest available components.


Our mission is to build quality boutique custom wound pickups at an affordable price.


All our pickups are custom made, handwound-scatterwound, with the finest available components, often to customers own specs. This allow us to optimize inventory and keep our costs down.

We don’t like to spend a lot in packaging (we use recycled materials, when possible), advertising or gadgets, we prefer instead to channel all our resources to what really matters: building custom pickups that can help our customers achieve the tone they’re looking for.

We have some variety of models to choose from but our primary focus is on Custom Made Pickups. You can request your own hand made pickup that is made specifically for you and your instrument, to get your tone “nailed” for you, to your exact specification.

Build time for all of our pickups is currently 7 to 14 days. All pickups are completely hand crafted and built normally within a +/- 5% tolerance.