LiveZoneR41 was the first company in Italy to build In Ear Monitors customized with micro drivers in Balanced Armature technology since 2006.

The micro drivers in Balanced Armature technology are the only ones to allow the design and implementation of the In Ear Monitors’ multi-way crossover, and has an integrated capability of returning an excellent sound and an extended and balanced frequency response.

To maximize the acoustic performance and safeguard your hearing over time, you need to build a system that isolates external noise consistently, and that is where our experience and in-depth studies in the field of Audio Prosthetics help us to build In Ear Monitors that are perfectly customized to the ears, and provide a higher insulation of 26dB.

Our mission is to take care of your hearing, and that’s why we have introduced a line of ear defenders called “ELACIN ER Flexcomfort”, which is a revolutionary system that allows lowering external noise values of 9 dB, 15 dB, 25 dB steadily and almost linearly.

Professional entertainers have chosen us!

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no compromise!

All of our experience is concentrated into one product: LZ 12

A double low driver in “vented” technology, a dual driver for medium / low and a dual driver for medium / high, with an integrated three-way crossover.

A frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz that is extremely careful and precise.

The two drivers of the low “vented” technology along with the two drivers of medium / low integrate in perfect linearity phases to return a low range and medium / low emotionally engaging, fast and detailed. The dual drivers of the middle and upper fits perfectly with the other driver for an accurate and true medium and delicate and airy highs.

Like a real stereo, it will be like you are not even wearing them.
To address your performance without compromise.

Simply perfect.