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Jad&Freer – Controller Midi

MIDI-Lungo is a MIDI controller designed and developed to be 100% compatible with any MIDI device,

including the Profiling Amplifier by Kemper and Live by Ableton.

Sturdy and versatile, it has many features to note:

  • 4 midi channels simultaneously useable;
  • 4 expression pedal ports;
  • one tap tempo port;
  • mappable Program Change and Control Change;
  • Hystory function which keeps in memory the previous state;
  • 1024 presets divided into 8 banks of 128 presets each;
  • specific functions to control Ableton Live;
  • large LCD display with two lines of sixteen characters, backlit;
  • power supply accepted from 9 to 12 Vac/dc.

If you want more info about this product, delivery costs, etc, please click on the button below to send an e-mail to Jad&Freer!

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