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Jad&Freer – Glam Pro 100W

The Glam Pro is an all-tube guitar amplifier that provides an output power of 100 watts RMS.

Born as an evolution of the already well known Glam, improved in every detail and completely reworked, it has gained, Thanks to its small size and its weight of only 11 kilos, the title of the smaller but more powerful amplifier available on the market.

Its strong point is certainly the weight, but it’s not the only one… In its design we have not given up to compromises and we have done everything possible to include innovative and unique features; just think about the bright function on the Clean channel reallable from the footswitch or via MIDI, or the particular structure of the tone filter dedicated to the two more distorted channels, which allows to set a different midrange control for each channel, or even the double master volume and the presence and depth regulations…

For this and much more, the Glam Pro can really be considered the definitive head-amp.


  • four channels, Clean, Drive, Crunch, Lead
  • volume and gain regulation for each channel
  • two independent equalization sections
  • bright function on the Clean channel, recallable
  • distort’s equalization with the mid regulation dedicated to each channel, recallable and reversible
  • serial loop activatable / deactivatable
  • digital spring reverb with spillover effect, activatable / deactivatable
  • dual master volume, recallable
  • presence and depth regulation for the final stage
  • vacuum tubes monitoring system
  • channels change, bright, loop, masters, tubes, all manageable both by the headamp and the footswitch
  • controllable via MIDI through Program Change and Control Change by using the appropriate section on-board

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