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Magrabò Guitar Straps

In Italy, beauty is not just a word or an ideal, it is a way of life.  It’s no coincidence that in Italy one is always surrounded by beautiful things: art, fashion, architecture, nature.

Through our creations -entirely Made in Italy- we seek to communicate something that’s in a class all by itself; something that we Italians have always had because it is a part of who we are: vision, style and a passion for all things beautiful.

Something untouchable yet tangible, precisely like music.

A truly unique passion, just like our idea of music: a place that is fleeting yet present; a place where life is found; a place where all can share the art of excellence and quality. No one else can improve quality of life the way we Italians can.

It is these standards of beauty and quality that inspire Magrabò: they guide our thoughts, our work and everything we build for you.
At Magrabò, quality has always been an essential part of the art of beauty that springs forth and gives life to every single one of our creations.
To give our clients the highest quality, we have thought through all the details: from ideas to finished products; from the presentation of our collections to dedicated customer care.

For us, quality means to love music, know our customers needs, carefully select materials and finish.
But we don’t stop there.  We also explore new technologies to bring you timeless products that are rewarding to live and work with every single day.
This is true value, cultivated over time. The men and women who work at Magrabò love and live music through their own, irreplaceable experience.

Here at Magrabò our wish is to continually share these sensations with our clients and with ourselves, day after day with tireless dedication and passion, expressing our soulfulness through prime craftsmanship.

Magrabò = Rarity, Magic, Quality.  These are the ideal ingredients for an excellent product.

We start with materials of the highest quality.  We add a pinch of our own unique creativity.  This is how we open up the magic doorway to a world of ideas and feelings: reaching back through the ages of master craftsmanship.

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